TOEFL or IELTS: Scholarship requirements for international students

Dear International Student, If you are like other hundreds of international students seeking to attend a university in the United States, you are in the right place. Here, we post all the necessary information that you will need to know in order to land the best scholarship or get admitted to a college of your dream. […]

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ACT testing vs. SAT testing

Students ask this question on daily basis. They want to know the difference between two and which one is easier. Or which school prefers which test and so on. It honestly depends on which state are you studying in United States and for worldwide which SAT testing or ACT is offered in your country. If […]

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Three mistakes to avoid when transferring to a University

Scholarship Money – majority of the universities will not give you dollars if you are transferring from a four year school unless you are an athlete and they want you there. Sometimes students receive a scholarship from a four year institution right after high school but decide to go to community college first in order […]

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Basics about scholarships and grants that every student should know

Scholarships and grants are also knows as “free money”, typically you do not have to repay them but you do have to put in work to receive them. What is the difference you may ask? Scholarships are often based on merit. It primarily depends on the guidelines of the scholarship. Majority times recipients qualify based […]

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